I'm Calvin! I'm a multi-instrumentalist that plays, writes, and produces music; livestreams on Twitch at least 3 days a week; and, has a love for pizza (as well as tacos and calzones!)  I'm working on some new material so keep an eye out for that!

Have fun touring the page and thanks again for stopping by!

The Livestream Sessions

Calvin Thomas

A grouping of popular original tunes from my Twitch streams.

"Scars of Her Love" is a track I pulled from a concept album that I planned to release this year. It's about a character finally taking control over his life after a 3 year hiatus away from all his problems and letting others decide what's right for him, and it starts with leaving a toxic relationship. He finally decides to take ownership after years of letting other things define him.

"Skylights" is about how I felt after playing a holiday gig in New York City and being caught in how great of an experience it was.

"Now I Dine in Hell" focuses on a character from an unknown project I worked on where he doesn't get a chance to fix his mistakes and now must live in this stylized, visually pleasing version of Hell to live out the rest of his days.

"Legacy" focuses on an aging superhero passing the torch to the new generation, accepting the end of his tenure and reminding them that this is their finest hour.

All of these songs mean different things to me and have their own flair to them. Although I wrote all of these songs, Skylights is the only tune that is specifically explaining my reactions and emotions; the other tunes about the exaggerated life of a fictional character going through highly exaggerated and extreme situations, or telling a wonderful story. But at the end of it all, they all carry different messages of their own and instill feelings in me that ultimately make me feel very proud that these tunes are out in the world.

And I'm glad you all enjoy these tunes just as much as I do.
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