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A Better Day

Calvin Thomas

This song is called "A Better Day." It focuses on an older man/woman telling a young man/woman that the changes that need to be made in today's society can be made with them. Fight through the obstacles and become new people, a better people. Initially that wasn't the theme for the song, but after a while, I realized that no other themes would do this song justice. This is one of my favorite originals. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

"A Better Day" is written by Calvin Thomas.
Photos taken by B.L.Penfold Photography.
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  1. A Better Day
A Better Day: The Bundle!
  • A Better Day: The Bundle!
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If you buy this bundle, you get not only the song A Better Day but ALSO....the instrumental version, the lyrics to the song, and 4 UNSEEN professional photos! So niiiiice!

Hope you enjoy the bundle!

(All photos taken by BritneyPenfoldPhotography, LLC.)

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